“A cathartic ceremony” El Confidencial

As a member of Fun-da-mental, it is expected that he does not to shy away from what needs to be said, explored, debated or challenged, even within a dj set.

It's a bit of a sweaty affair for those within listening range, necks bruk to low slung beats and hips disco-lated 'cos the ancients and the fresh have graced us with their transcripts. From London to Kazakhstan, Malta to Serbia, Sweden to Italy, and many points in-between - the typical nightclub, festival settings, to collaborations with storytellers, or museum openings, squat parties, social manifestations, his record box contains more that 'just shake yer booty',  and doesn't get stuck on one groove, so to speak.  The ever shifting political and cultural landscape we face is woven into the fabric of his sets.

"Una de las cinco mejores actuaciones en el Womad de Las Palmas".

La Gaceta de Canarias