D.WattsRiot aka KingLMan

KingLMan is the latest expression avenue in production formation: imports and reports the good, the bad, and damn ugly of our time past and present, local and foreign, bypassing border controls to export a residue encompassing socio-political perceptions, attempts to untangle knotted doctrines and arrest irrational desires.  Rhythmic and verbal communication camouflage a deep well of discontent, messages buried behind B-Boy kicks, snares, married to analogue and digital dust.

Single two, '7MWM (We Want More)' is graced by vocalist Kiki Hitomi (King Midas Sound) delivering two layers of voice. First a simple phrase in song,  ¨We want some more¨.  Could it be a plea for sense, calm, clarity, money or social equality?  This gives way to a whispered delivery floating on the edge of your earlobe, a soothing and enchanting balm with solid and melodic basslines from Nick Dubulah Page (Dub Colossos / Xaos) among a  bed of Persian shehnai, percussion and fluctuating wails from beyond your frontier.

Also releasing through the Keroxen label. See here for more info.

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